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                    Growing to wards one of the leading manufactures of truss systems,Global Truss has established a worldwide distributor network spread over more than 25 countries at the moment and still growing every year.

 Quality first
    To reassure the quality of Global Truss products you will find that we have a world of production protocols and for each product strict quality controls with perfect workmanship as a result of this Global Truss has the German RWTUV approval which affirm that our products and quality control satisfy the highest possible standard for Truss in the entertainment industry.
A look on our truss and welds will be enough to convince you of our quality.

    To offer optimum safety and reliability our products are RWTUV certified taking in consideration that competent use of the product is a precondition for the products safety. To avoid these kind of situation we will provide our customer with the necessary information for example loading tables for Truss as well as strength calculations for roof systems and so on.

Custom design and Solution
    In the exhibition and entertainment industry custom design constructions for permanent or temporary use is now a day a common thing.
There for we have at Global Truss a qualified engineers and R&D team thatis flexible and are able to find resourceful solutions whateverthe demand of Global Truss users.

    In the entertainment industry service and communication is essential part next to the quality of our products.
Our achievement is to provide a level of service that can match the quality product we produce here at Global Truss and support our customers whenever or wherver they request.
To achieve this kind of service most important is a communication way on personal basis that is fast,accurate,informative etc. on where a customer can build his trust.

    Our distributor network worldwide demands for a good logistic,delivery times mostly are crucial and need to be short, there for we can guarantee located with the manufactory on a strategic point,our flexibility"fast and correct deliveries worldwide"

电话:86-755-29894161/2 传真:86-755-29894163 E-mailL: globaltruss@963.net

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